New Oasis Restaurant Circa 2007 Evolves


For a number of years this was the website for the New Oasis restaurant located in Medford MA. Around 2014 saw a re branding of the restaurant to the Oasis Brazilian Steakhouse. It was sometime after 2014 this site's domain registration ( expired and it disappeared from the web. In 2018 the domain was bought. The new owner provides visitors a nostalgic trip back to the restaurant's 2007 - 2014 archived pages.

UPDATE TO VISITORS: Since 2001, the restaurant has been under the administration of Luiz and Luciano. The Oasis restaurant has expanded to include an Oasis Cafe and an Oasis Catering division. They have a new website and call themselves the Oasis Brazilian Steakhouse.

To get the most up to date information about the Oasis Brazilian Restuarant go to their current website at:





New Oasis Restaurant now called the Oasis Brazilian Steakhouse is still located at
373 Main St.,
Medford, MA


CIRCA 2009 - 2014


Private Functions

Oasis restaurant is available for your private event.  we can customize a cocktail event or help you entertain groups of up to 100 guest.  Enjoy a Brazilian inspired culinary experience.  Oasis has hosted corporate functions, christening, wedding receptions, birthday parties and other special occasions.  We have customized menus to fit your needs and budget.  We look forward to your next event at oasis.


Oasis catering services gives you the opportunity to entertain professionally in the comfort of your own home. Our enthusiasm about our food and attention to detail allow you to enjoy your event with guests rather than worry over the food.  We work with each client's special needs to create an appropriate menu for every




Weekley Specials Circa 2014

Saturday – Feijoada (Brazilian Bean-Pork Stew)

Feijoada (Brazilian Bean-Pork Stew) served with white rice, sauteed collard greens, farofa...$12.99





Sunday – Roasted Beef with Madeira Sauce

Slow roasted beef, cut into slices and served with Madeira sauce on...$10.99




Monday – Roasted Chicken

Start off the week with our roaste chicken (2 dark meat, 2...$10.99




Tuesday – Oxtail Beef Stew

If you like something different and unique, try our Oxtail Beef stew...$10.99




Wednesday – Chicken with Okra

Typical Brazilian dish, chicken with okra, served with white rice, beans and...$10.99




Thursday – Beef Stew with Potatoes

If you like stews, you’ll sure like our special: Beef stew with...$10.99



Friday – Dobradinha (Tripe, Pork Stew)

Dobradinha Stew is made with pork, tripe, sausage, white beans and seasonings....$12.99




"When we were assembling the team for our startup, we very frequently ended up here - we had our regular table and we knew all the staff by name. We signed the paperwork for incorporation as well as the lease on our office space with a local legal team that is still our advisors. One of the best decisions we made here was to engage Bob Sakayama and his group at TNG/Earthling to handle all aspects of our website, including development and SEO. We also celebrated here - several anniversaries, both business and family related, and many parties on many occasions. So you see we are huge fans of this sacred place." TJ Peterson



The Oasis Brazilian Steakhouse is, in my opinion, one of the best Brazilian restaurants in the Boston area. They have great service and their fish stew is the best in the region.Plínia Rosembarque
Truejump's Sales Manager



SOME YELP REVIEWS Spanning 2010 - 2018

Ari H.
Newton, MA
4.0 star rating

Pay $11.99 for the basic dinner buffet and your choice of food includes a hodgepodge of meats, salads, chopped fruits, fried plantains, and other Brazilian delicacies.
Pay $18.99 for the above plus BBQ meats.
Ok pay $8 or so for a pound of meat.
There is a menu but I didn't see many patrons order off it.
I opted for the basic buffet and it filled me up! A+!


Kareal A.
Germantown, MD
4.0 star rating

This restaurant is a popular spot near my campus, and I've tried it a few times at events but never went to the actual restaurant until I downloaded to Food for All app and saw a meal deal (a to go plate for $5.00) available for this restaurant, I had to take the opportunity! I don't eat meat but I was satisfied with all of the delicious meat-less options Oasis has to offer. I got plantains, rice, beans, salads, French fries, yucca, mixed veggies and some cornbread. I also took my friend, who really enjoyed the fish options at the buffet. I would say there is a decent variety of options for different palates and dietary restrictions.

When it comes to service, the woman who verified the receipt on the app was knowledgeable about it and set me up to get my order very quickly. When I asked if they could restock the plantains at the buffet, they were more than happy to bring out fresh-fried plantains. Overall the staff was attentive and kind. I will definitely return to Oasis for more  meals and especially using the Food for All app!


    Anthoyn P.
    North Andover, MA
4.0 star rating

This place is a gem. I apologize about my picture I was so hungry I started eating before I snapped. For starters the food is excellent. The reason I'm not giving 5/5 is the over-all experience. As I walked in the layout is a little tough if you don't frequent this spot. We came in as a group of three at rush hour lunch time so this didn't make it any easier. We made our way to the plates but then there's no real direction where to go next. You either go to the buffet food or straight to the BBQ station. I choice to go right for the meat. As I approached the counter I turned to check in with the others I had came with, and a young women cuts me in line. Obviously she thinks I didn't notice but I did. For a busy lunch hour you would expect there to be multiple people handing the BBQ station but this was not the case. Therefore you had to wait for the one guy to cut the meat from the skewers one by one until its your turn. When it was finally my turn I looked at my choices. There are no labels and the staff wasn't too keen on giving me the run down on every single skewers. I had to almost guess what I was picking. Not a great start but the experience got significantly better once I made my way over to the weight station. My plate was packed with garlic steak, picanha (sirloin), short rib, re fried beans, rice, and plantains. I was expecting it to be over $12 for this much food. The price ended up being under $9 so I was very impressed! We sat down to eat at a clean table. A waitress comes to ask you for a drink. This part I didn't care for much. It's not a restaurant where you sit and order so why is it I need a waitress to just get my drink and now I'm forced to tip on a service not really needed. Either make it a sit down restaurant or make it a place where you pay for drink and food, and then sit and eat. Other than the few areas I think this place could improve, honestly the food was amazing. The garlic steak has seasoned perfectly. Not one of the pieces I ate was bad. One of the co-workers I was with was so satisfied he went back up and bought a second plate. This place scored well on my Great Food, Good Prices, and Decent People scale. Definitely check this place out. I will be back for sure.

Quality 5/5
Price 4/5
Portion 5/5
Service 3/5



Mattison C.
Greensboro, NC
5.0 star rating

I had no idea what I was getting myself into because it crazy and chaotic inside, but the food was great! I got sausage, steak, potatoes, and a piece of bread for $9. They weigh your plate or you can do all you can eat, I got one plate and t was plenty! It was a pleasant surprise.



Vivian C.
Boston, MA
4.0 star rating
Updated review
Listed in Stuff it!, Restaurants I should visit more often

Is it a Sunday in May?  Better check to see if it is the same day as the Tufts Commencement as we're in Jumbo country.

Oasis does take reservations though, and for the hungry (as in the I-want-to-start-eating-upon-arrival folk) they have a buffet for $7.99/lb, or AYCE $11.99 Mon - Fri (buffet only without bbq), or $18.99 Sat and Sun (not sure if that is with or without bbq though).  But you just might want to check on that, since when I had called just last month, their buffet situation was a bit different.

I was here for take-out since opportunity had led me to be hungry and in the area, so I did some people watching, graduate congratulating, and buffet line perusing as I waited.  I also engrossed myself in their dessert case, so I was identifiable as an easy sell.

They had mentioned that it would be about 10 minutes.  Much of the time flew by, but waiting was getting a tad dull and I was hungry, so I appreciated when the hostess who had initially greeted me grew concerned that I was still there and offered to check for me.  One of my entrees was ready shortly, but the pasta would take a bit longer still.

I grabbed utensils and napkins from the buffet area and tucked in at one of the counter seats till my order was completed in full.  Just having food in front of me made me happy, but I also appreciated it as I was considerately offered a plate, some napkins, and an apology.  A free dessert was just the cherry on top.  How sweet!  I went with the recommended flan.

Brazukinha (Mini-Skew) $16.75
A smaller version of Brazilian BBQ, choice of two pieces of beef, chicken, pork or sausage. Served with white rice, black beans, roasted cassava flour, fries and salad.

Fruiti Di Mare  ~$15.99
Sauteed shrimp, scallops, calamari, mussels, minced clams, tossed with onions, bell peppers, fresh roma tomatoes and fresh pomodoro sauce. Served over linguine.
Strawberry white chocolate (bolo prestigio?) Cake $3.75
Flan (Pudim) $3.75

The pasta dish was still hot when I got it home and came plastic wrapped with two rolls.  The pasta just a tad north of al dente, perhaps due to the commute.  I liked the tomato sauce and counted at least 3 large tail on shrimp as I poked haphazardly about, and consumed two tiny shrimp and a few mini leggy calamari, and that only in about a quarter of the dish.

I had been surprised by the size of the two pieces of meat which greeted me when I lifted the Styrofoam lid to the Brazukinha.  My selections were beef and pork.  Of the bean options, I picked the last offering which came mixed with crispy bits of pork skin - yum!  Sorry, I have no idea what it's called though.  The fries weren't crispy, but I didn't mind in this case.  Since it was the weekend, the accompanying salad was a chilled potato salad, which I enjoyed.  But I was a bit confused by the diced vegetables floating in a liquid, and since I was at the counter without a spoon, I put off trying it till later.

Their portions are rather huge, at least for this girl, and for the price.  Perhaps another would have done it more justice.  But then I like having leftovers.

I also like desserts, and found the flan to be dense and rich and smooth, while the cake was light and moist and not overly sweet.

Despite the slight hiccup in service, I felt welcome and taken care of, as well as satisfied in belly and budget.


Lynnith R.
Provincetown, MA
5.0 star rating
You won't find kinder customer service anywhere.  I love pay-per-pound places and come here at least once a week for takeout dinner.   Get the chicken wrapped in bacon and the chicken hearts and anything with yucca. We once got a whole cake to take to a family function and it was raved about for months!


Wonho H.
Malden, MA
5.0 star rating

We had our wedding rehearsal dinner here.  Probably the best food possible for the money!
The key is that unless you're planning on stuffing your face with 3 pounds of food, just weigh it instead of opting for the buffet.
For the price, nothing beats.  Their buffet food is good and the meat is great.  Honestly I only get the sirloin now; it seems to be the consistently best meat.  The others are sometimes hit-or-miss, but all of it is still very good.
Guarana soda, if you've never had it, is a good thing to try.  But honestly this is a place we still drive 20-30 minutes to go to even though we don't live in the area anymore.  Fantastic food for the price. 

Don't order off the menu.  Are you crazy!??!?!  Brazilian food is about the meat, and about buffet style eating.


Jeffrey A.
New York, NY
4.0 star rating

Cool place, suburban Brazilian food sprawl. Love it. Oasis has the feel of typical paderia's and restaurants around Brazil.  Fresh ingredients, fruits, vegetables and meats as well as some fresh baked breads. We had a rather late night diner and came back the next morning for breakfast.

Wonderful place.  Clean place and friendly employees.  A great value for dinners. Atmosphere casual and relaxed. Saturday night had live music which added to the overall experience. Great place.

I was in Boston for an Ultimate Disk (Frisbee) Competition and one of our team members, who is the foody amongst us, suggested this place. That person is the renown Queens Assistant District Attorney and NYC lawyer about town, Benjamin Pred, whose taste for everything from high end sushi to cosmopolitan pizza has directed us to some fantastic meals. Ben claims that good food leads to great athetic performances, and we all believe that to be more than true. This restaurant is truly special in that the food and the atmosphere combine in such a welcoming spirit that makes you want to linger. We finished our delicious meal and spent another hour sipping after dinner aperitifs and listening to music.



Susan D.
Pasadena, CA
3.0 star rating
$12.95 Mon-Thursday buffet meal? Heck yeah!

This place is teeming with Brazilian everything. Brazilian channel showing soap operas, soccer, and news in a half hour span, Brazilian meat carvers and waitresses. The service was efficient and pleasant. The meat carver let us try whatever we wanted, although he was a bit distant and busy with the takeout orders.

The buffet lineup was decent. The potato salad and plantains were great! There was a good assortment of fish in gravy, fried fish that was a little dry, and fried chicken pieces on a stick. The star was obviously the meats. The sausage and pork ribs were the best out of all the options. The bacon wrapped chicken was hard - couldn't get a knife through it. Didn't have enough room to try the brisket and chicken hearts.

The extra virgin olive oil in bottles on the table was a nice touch. And the dining room was warm and oaky- perfect on a rainy day.



Amy W.
Skokie, IL
4.0 star rating
This was my first experience trying Brazilian food and I LOVED it. I loved the buffet-style food and the choice of rotisserie meats, although I felt a little overwhelmed when trying to decide what to put on my plate! I would have loved to come here during the buffet time to try a little bit of everything! The pork tenderloin was a bit on the dry side, but the beef ribs and the chicken sausage definitely made up for it. The sausage was so tender and juicy, it almost melted in my mouth.


Ariel E.
Boston, MA
4.0 star rating

One of the few places where folks won't look askance if you put fruit and meat on the same plate after ten in the morning.

I'm also a bit biased because of a deep-seated love of plantains (probably stemming from a childhood love of banana flambe). Anyhow, plantains are a pain to cut, a pain to strip, and then a pain to fry up and serve, which is why any restaurant that provides them in a heaping bowl by the salad station gets a thumbs-up in my book.

Meat's a bit salty, but it's worth overlooking. And you can mellow out the taste with some rice and beans or something sweet.


Luisa O.
Cambridge, MA
4.0 star rating
For the price, it's great.  When the Brazilian National Soccer team was here in 2008, they booked the place, blocked off the streets (because of fans) and ate here.  It's a family place, so yes there are kids.  It's a typical Brazilian restaurant, so yes, there are TV's and singers and it's busy.  There are vegetarian dishes, but Brazilian food is composed of lots of meat. The portions are enormous, so you will definitely have enough for two meals, and the black beans are great.  Ask to try the Acai with orange juice, if you like it, it's a super healthy drink.  They often have bossa nova/ popular Brazilian music singers on Wed and Thursday nights.  Some of them are quite good.  If you are in the mood for Brazilian food without breaking the bank and are tolerant enough of  people, it's good.  If you want a quiet, romantic ambiance, then not so much.



MENU 2007


101 - Mandioca frita
Generous portion of golden fried yucca
102 - Mandioca com torresmo e lingui
Combo of our three favorites, fried yucca, bacon and sausage.
103 - Mandioca com carne de sol
Crispy fried yucca and hot beef jerky
104 - Coração frito com cebola
Delicious sautéed chicken hearts with grilled onions
105 - Coração frito com mandioca
Sautéed chicken hearts with golden fried yucca
106 - Camarão empanado (5)
Five shrimp dipped in beer batter, deep fried to a golden brown served with fries
107 - Camarão a alho e óleo (8)
Eight Grilled shrimp seasoned with garlic and oil served with fries
108 - Frango a passarinho
Our famous delicacy of garlic chicken and grilled onions
109 - Bife a Palito
Tender sirloin tips sautéed with onions.
110 - House Sampler
Our house special combination with fried yucca, bacon, sausage,  jerked beef, chicken hearts
111 - Isca de Peixe (catfish)
Generous portion of  fried catfish tenders
113 - Liver Tips
Pan fried liver tips topped with caramelized grilled onions
115 - Bean Soup
400 - House Salad
Lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, beet, black olives
401 - Hearts of Palm Salad
402 - Chicken Salad
Great portion of our House Salad topped with grilled seasoned chicken breast
403 - Caesar Salad/
Caesar salad topped w/ choice of:
404 - Grilled Shrimp (5) Caesar/images
405 - Grilled Chicken Caesar
*Meal served with white rice, beans and fries
200 - Kid Pasta
Linguini served with tomato sauce
201 - Chicken Nuggets*
202 - Beef Nuggets*
300 - Vegetarian I
Sautéed collard greens, fried yucca, fried plantains, served with rice and beans
301 - Vegetarian II
Sautéed collard greens, white cabbage, tomatoes, fries - served with rice and beans
302 - Veggie Pasta
Linguini tossed with fresh steamed veggies in a creamy sauce, topped with parmesan
303 - Steam Veggies - Served w/ rice and beans
* Specialties are served with steamed rice, beans, farofa (roasted cassava flour) fries, and salad
01 - Steak Oasis' style;
A 22 oz. sirloin, seasoned with our house seasoning. Served w/ salad, steamed rice, beans, fries, and fried yucca
12-ounce cut also available
02 - Brazilian BBQ/
Best choice on the house - Combination of 5 succulent pieces of beef, 2 pork, chicken & sausage
03 - Brazuka
Guests choice of any combination of 5 pieces of beef, chicken, pork and sausage
04 - Brazukinha (mini-skew)
A smaller version of Brazilian BBQ. Choice of two pieces of (beef, chicken, pork or sausage)
S01 - Monday
  Frango Assado - Roasted chicken served w/ rice, beans, farofa, salad
S02 - Tuesday
Rabada - Beef oxtail served w/ rice, beans and farofa
S03 - Wednesday
Frango com Quiabo - Chicken with okra served w/ rice, beans & corn cake
S04 - Thursday
Costela de Porco - Pork ribs served w/ beans, rice and pasta
S05 - Friday
Moqueca - Fish stew served w/ rice, beans and pirão
S06 - Saturday
Feijoada - Bean stew cooked w/ pork & sausage served w/ rice, farofa, collard greens, salad. Our famous Brazilian dish 
S07 - Sunday
Carne Assada - Roasted beef and pork served w/ rice, beans (tropeiro) and farofa
14 - Frango a Milanesa
Breaded chicken served w/ rice, beans and fries
15 - Frango a Parmegiana
Breaded chicken smothered with tomato sauce and melted mozzarella  cheese served w/ rice, beans and potato salad
16 - Peito de Frango Grelhado/images
Grilled chicken breast served w/ rice, beans and fries
17 - Frango Acebolado
Pan fried chicken breast covered w/ grilled onions served w/ rice, beans and fries
18 - Filet de Frango na Chapa
Seasoned Chicken breast cooked on a flat top grill served w/ rice, beans and fries
19 - Cajun Chicken
Cajun style grilled chicken breast served w/ rice and beans
20 - Bourbon Chicken
Pan fried chicken breast topped with creamy lemon pepper sauce served w/ rice and beans
27 - Salmão Grelhado com Molho de Camarão
Grilled Salmon covered w/ shrimp sauce served w/ rice, beans and salad
28 - Salmão Grelhado
Lightly seasoned grilled Salmon, with rice, beans and house salad
29 - Filet de Peixe
Fried catfish topped w/ white creamy shrimp sauce w/ rice, beans and salad
30 - Peixe a Milanesa;
Fried catfish Milanese style served w/ rice, beans and salad
31 - Blackened Catfish
Pan seared Cajun style catfish deep fried served w/ rice, beans and salad
32 - Fish & Chips
Served with rice, beans and fries
33 - Peroa
Deep fried whole Red Snapper w/ fish bones served w/ rice, beans, farofa fried plantains
34 - Moqueca
Our delicious fish stew made w/ Haddock fish cooked w/ coconut milk and olive oil and house seasoning served w/ rice, beans and pirao (special sauce used to poach the fish, thickened with cassava meal)  
35 - Moqueca com Camarão;
Our delicious fish stew made with Haddock fish and shrimp served with rice, beans and pirao (thickened fish stock)
36 - Blackened Salmon - Served with rice and salad
05 - Bife a Milanesa
Delicious breaded steak served w/ rice, beans and fries
06 - Bife a Parmegiana
Breaded steak topped with mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce served w/ rice, beans and potato salad
07 - Bife a Cavalo/images
Fried pan steak topped w/ grilled onions and 2 eggs served w/ rice beans  and fries
08 - Bife Acebolado
Fried pan steak served w/ sautéed onions, rice, beans and fries
09 - Bife de Figado
Thin sliced beef liver cooked just long enough to be tender and well done.  Covered with grilled onions served w/ rice, beans and fries.
*Served on a sizzling skillet with sautéed peppers and onions, rice, beans, potato salad
10 - Beef Fajita
11 - Chicken Fajita
12 - Beef & Chicken Fajita
Why not get the great taste of both?
13 - Fajita for Two